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At the moment, in our maths we are doing ratio and proportion. This is an example of the sort of question we are doing:

Mari is the presenter of a weekly radio show she always plays five new songs for every two old songs. Last week she played 15 new songs. How many songs did she play altogether?


5:2 ratio

15 new songs

15/5 = 3

3 x 2 = 6

6 +15 = 21 songs altogether


This week we have read two chapters from our class book (Letters from the Lighthouse) and answered questions on them. The author, Emma Caroll, named her chapters after the government propaganda posters. These are official government posters designed to give people information and motivate people to pull together and be less careless during the war. For instance: ‘Loose lips sink ships’. This reminds people not to talk about secret business for example if someone was to mention plans for when ships were sailing, the enemy could find out and attack them. We also re wrote a section of a chapter which we titled ‘Cliff’s iced buns’ where Cliff spots them in the shop and is desperate to eat them.


In our art lesson we have made pictures of Winston Churchill in groups. We were given a picture of him which had been cut into 8 sections and everyone in the group took one of the pieces and drew it. When we had finished we put the pieces we drew together to make his whole face.


Year 6s are practising SATs. We are learning in our groups and have identified what we need to improve on both in Maths and English. We are trying to remember to reread our work as it is a good thing to do in SATs to check we haven’t made a silly mistakes.


Have a happy half term!

By Lily, Kimberly and Megan




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