3 February 2020, Comments: 0

By Jack and Owen


In English, we have been working on a non-chronological report of a Dragon. We are allowed to write about what ever dragon we want. Our writing is advice for Hagrid from Harry Potter when he gets a Norwegian Ridgeback called Norbert.


Maths has been fun as we have been converting Millilitres to Litres and Grams to Kilograms. On Wednesday, we learned about converting metres to centimetres and kilometres to metres.


This week in PE, Mrs Simpson wanted to us to have some Netball practice but it was raining so we played some bench ball instead. We were split into four teams and played two games each. This was great fun for us to play.


In RE, we have been looking at people who wanted to make the world a better place by helping the people that were in need of medicine or money. Some of the people were threatened or got hurt because of their actions, but it didn’t stop them trying to help others.



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