31 March 2017, Comments: 0

By Stan and Will


We have been writing a diary from the perspective of David or Tucky from the Friend or Foe book by Michael Morpurgo. We were writing about the day of evacuation and how sad it was for children to be sent away from their families. We also looked at what the evacuees wanted – their new families to be really nice.

Bunny bounce

The bunny bounce was this week and the top three bouncers were Harry H, Stanley and Jack. We had a minute to complete as many bounces as you could. Lots of people enjoyed it.


The chicks names are Marshmallow, Smarties, Chocolate Chip, M and M, Peaky junior, Haribo and Sherbet. The chicks are growing really fast. They’re growing wings and they’re losing their fluffiness.


In maths we have been solving fraction problems. Some people had to decode a message with each letter was represented by a fraction, decimal or percentage. Then we had to find out fractions of amounts.


In literacy we have been editing and writing our diary entries. Some people have printed their diary entries but others haven’t printed theirs.

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