7 December 2018, Comments: 0

It is beginning to look a lot like the Christmas fair! Welcome back to our blog. This week is indeed the fair and the year 5 and 6s are finishing the games. Oh and the tombola is getting ready too.

In English, we are now looking at newspapers and journalistic writing connected to our Wall-e topic. We are looking at tabloid and broadsheet types- who knew there were different types of newspaper?

Art – we rarely discuss this subject, but after finishing Christmas cards we are moving on to calendars for all year. They are based on the four seasons:
spring, summer, autumn,

In Maths we have been Multiplying fractions…it’s easier than adding and subtracting fractions because we don’t need to find a common denominator.

On Wednesday in P.E, we did a ‘Thriller’ dance, which was more fun than usual because all the Christmas decorations are up in the hall. Festive!

We had a preview of the KS1 nativity, which was a joy to watch.

More next week. Ed and George.

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