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Welcome to Wensleydale’s week


In our English, we have been doing multiple things. For starters, we have been reading our class book (Letters from the Lighthouse) and answering questions about what we have read. We have created a diary entry by Olive, using and editing the events from the previous chapters.

Furthermore, we have written kennings, in our groups, about evacuees. A kenning is a sort of poem, for an example:

A light giver

A heat source

This one is about the sun. We have been using ‘A’ at the beginning then adding two words about what we are describing after it. You can even make them rhyme. The ‘A’ is optional but it is an easy way to create one. Kennings make your writing more interesting.


This week we have been doing area and perimeter of triangles and parallelograms. The year 6s are working in groups to help get them ready for their SATs.


During our PE sessions, we have been doing gymnastics with Mrs Wilson using all the apparatus. With Mrs Saunderson, we have been playing a game called ‘Jump Ball’, which focuses on throwing, catching and jumping skills.


Due to our topic on World War 2 we have been doing some quizzes and activities on the computer about it. For instance, one of the activities was on rationing and another on evacuees. We all had fun doing these.


In Art, we have been drawing our school values which are: Peace, Sportsmanship, Determination, Trust, Friendship, Respect, Service, Responsibility and Forgiveness. We split squared paper into nine sections and drew something that symbolised these values in each section.

These are going to be for a school display.

See you next week!

Megan, Kimberly and Lily

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