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Welcome back after a lovely, long weekend,

I hope that you all celebrated VE Day in style and enjoyed making memories with your families. Daisy and I made scones and shared them with our street. We even managed a little catch up on our front gardens with Mrs Warby (as we live opposite each other)…maintaining social distancing of course! It was so wonderful to be out in the sunshine, enjoying the celebrations.

Mrs Warby has posted details on Seesaw of the athletics competition that is taking place this week. I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but RTS won the tennis competition two weeks ago against all of the other schools in Harrogate that joined. I think that there were around 16 in total!

So, if you sent your results in WELL DONE! WE WON!!

Read the details about this week and submit them onto Seesaw and Mrs Warby will do the rest! Good luck!


The theme for our work this week is ‘Animals.’ We are using whole school themes each week to try to make it easier for families that have more than one child in school that are in different year groups. At least there is then a common theme to the work, in case you wanted to do some work with your siblings. There may be something on their class page that you fancy doing…of course that’s fine. I’d love to see it!

I’m also going to continue with releasing the work a day at a time again this week. I hope that this is OK and that it worked well for you working this way last week. You’ll be able to keep looking at the timetable of the week to help you to structure your time.

My Maths.

This week, your parents should have received an email from the office at school. On the email, it will have given you a login and password for a maths website called ‘My Maths.’ You’ll notice that on this weeks timetable, some of your maths work is set on there. We really like this website as it gives you a little lesson first and works you though things methodically to help with the task. Some of the local secondary schools use it to set maths homework on and fo
r revision, so it’s great if you can get used to using it. I have been on and ‘set’ you the tasks for this week. It then feeds your score back to me, so I can see clearly how you’ve been getting on.

If you haven’t received your password, ask your parents to check in their ‘junk mail.’ If you still can’t find it, ping me a message on Seesaw and I’ll give you your details.


SATs Week!

Believe it or not, this week should have been SATs week for year 6s. Year 5s…you would have been doing some assessments too! So, to celebrate that we don’t have to do them, I would like us to think about SATs in a different way…SHARE A TALENT

I would love to see your talents! It can be absolutely ANYTHING! It can be a picture or a video of you doing what you enjoy and what you’re good at! I look forward to seeing all of your talents! Please join in!


A Treasure Chest of Memories

Mr Symonds wrote about this in his blog last week, so I wanted to mention it too. We are beginning to think about the way in which the school keeps a historical record of the events of 2020 for future generations, today is the history which children will be learning about in 100 years and we want to make sure they have as many first hand experiences as possible to use. As well as making a display in school we want to create a history chest with something from every child in school. A picture, diary entry, poem will help us to make this record; please get your thinking caps on and get ready to deliver your entry to deliver when we return to school.


Have a great week and stay safe

Love from Mrs Simpson, Mrs Warby & team


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