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Welcome to art week at RTS!


I’m so lucky to have such a creative lot in my class, so I know that lots of you will love this week.

We’ve created loads of super art work this year. Remember all of your super work linked to ‘Wonder’ at the beginning of the year? However, I must admit that some of favourite art work this year was when we were all enjoying our ‘Harry Potter’ topic. You all did the most fantastic sketches of Harry and the sorting hat. But let’s not forget your wonderful dragon eyes!

I’ve been enjoying doing quite a lot of clay work with the children in my bubble at school. There’s so much more to just creating something…it’s so great for your mental health too. I find it really relaxing when I’m being creative.

This week, please don’t feel that you have to stick to what is on the plan, especially once you’ve completed your maths and English work. Have a look around your home and see what activities you have that you may have forgotten about. Could you create something wonderful with hama beads, aqua beads, mosaic art, sequin art, paint by numbers, clay, lego, paints…the list goes on!

There’s absolutely LOADS of ‘How to Draw’ videos online that I know that you will enjoy too. Find some and enjoy having a go. I’ve also posted a powerpoint that reminds you of all the different elements of art. These include lots of different things that all combine together to produce a piece of art. For example, texture, pattern, tone etc. Have a look at it and experiment. You will have lots of different media lying around at home from crayons to paints to pencils etc. Try to experiment with them all.

Most of your maths work this week is all set on My Maths. If you find that you are completing the work on there quickly and would enjoy some more maths challenges, there are plenty of revision games and activities for you to choose from. Also, if you find the activities that I’ve set a little tricky, please look on the year group or two below and find something that you feel more comfortable with. Like wise, if you feel that you need more of a challenge, have a go at the year above! There are some year 7 activities on there!

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful science work last week. I hope that you all enjoyed the experiments and discovering new things. I am looking forward to see what you come up with this week!


Have a great week and enjoy being creative    

Keep safe and take care

Lots of love from Mrs Simpson, Mrs Warby & team



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