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During English this week, we have been thinking about figurative language. Charlotte, George and Jacob did some acting of a scene where Cliff saw the muffins and was eager to have one. In addition, George was the devil and Charlotte was the angel (the angel tried to persuade Cliff to not eat the muffin and the devil tried to make him eat the muffin, Cliff ate the muffin in the end).


In maths, we looked at converting units of measure. mm to cm, ml to l and so on. We thought about capacity (to measure the volume inside an object) and length. Other things we have been doing are measuring using a gauge and finding ratio and proportion of amounts.

Guided reading

We read some more of the book Letters from the Lighthouse. We recently discovered in the book that German planes are travelling to bomb Plymouth and it seemed much calmer in the countryside than urban areas such as London. We found out that a mean character called Esther Jenkins is staying with the main characters, it is horrendous for them.


We did climate change and learnt about global warming and how we are affecting the environment and thinning the ozone layer. We are thinking about how to help our planet. After we finished listening, we got ready for one of our after school activities dance and moved the tables.


This week in art, everyone made a Winston Churchill picture. We chose Winston Churchill because our topic is World War 2, which we started at the beginning of the term.

Previously we made designs for a mosaic that will go in RTS entrance hall and the winning design will be the mosaic that will go into the new entrance hall.


During PE, we had gymnastics and used some of the apparatus. In addition, had to fill in the routine and review paper with Mrs Wilson.

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