22 December 2017, Comments: 0



This week, in maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract fractions. We were also looking at co-ordinates and what the x and y axis are.

We have written our class Christmas hopes and had our hopes worship on Wednesday 20th December. Wharfedale’s hope was about the homeless and the people who will not have a family to share Christmas with.

On Tuesday, we had our going for gold reward and watched a movie. We had a great time watching a film called Hugo. It was about a boy who had a robot and he had great adventures trying to find the parts to fix him. He also met a girl who had the right key to fix this robot.

As we are breaking up soon, we have been watching Nativity 2, to get us in the Christmas spirit.

This week has been such a busy week because we have also created a poster to advertise St John’s Church Christmas pantomime.



Thanks for reading our Christmas week blog.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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