16 November 2017, Comments: 0



This week, we have had great fun doing gymnastics with Mrs Bassendale, a P.E teacher from St Aidans. We were taught how to do a series of rolls, positions and balances. Also, classmates who go to gymnastics out of school, have been showing us many more skills, movements and postures.

In Maths, we have been looking at division. We have been learning a new way to help us divide called the bus stop method.

In our topic, we have read a few more pages of Wonder and we have read, that sadly, Auggie’s dog Daisy has died. The description of the death of Daisy is absolutely devastating. RJ Palacio describes it wonderfully and we as a class realized Palacio put that event in the book because Auggie needed to realize that he is not the centre of attention.

In French we learnt about the seasons (saisons) and we drew a tree for each season and labelled it. We also learnt about the months in French.

We have been doing a series of tests this week. When we had completed ALL our tests, we got into groups to start planning our games for the Christmas fair. YEY!!!.

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