31 January 2019, Comments: 0


In the morning, M&M productions came and performed ‘Beauty and the Beast’ it was amazing, we were very lucky to get such a treat!

Then we read some more from our class book ‘Letters from the lighthouse’ we are all really enjoying it so far. We then used the book to begin writing a plan of a diary entry.

After lunch, we did P.E we warmed up with a throwing game. After that, we played a moving balance game.


In our maths lesson, we learned how to find the area of different compound shapes; we also practised our KIRFS in 3 minutes and a bit. In English we discussed which cities were bombed in WW2 and why.


We did maths first, we were finding the area of compound shapes (lots of people thought it was tricky, but we all worked hard) Then we marked our mental maths. However, Mrs Saunderson marked our spellings instead of us as she wanted to see how we are doing. We hope she was impressed! In the afternoon, we had PE with Sporting Influence, we are doing gymnastics this half term. In PE, we went on the ropes and the metal frames.


In the morning for nine o’clock work, we did past S.A.T.S paper with our partners, it was quite tricky but with practise, we will soon master it. After that, we did maths, we had chance to show off what we had learned about finding the area of compound shapes. In the afternoon in ICT we typed up our Blitz writing.


In the morning, we did a time line for a diary entry for ‘Letters for the lighthouse’ the book we’re reading now. After break, we did maths and in maths, we did a test for perimeter, area. In the afternoon, during worship it was singing with Mrs Wake. Then we completed the rest of our blitz painting by adding the skyline and searchlights, they are looking really effective.

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