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This week is Wellbeing and Sports Week, though unfortunately, sports day was postponed, because of the rain.

On Monday morning, we were taught by Mrs Simpson, who talked to us about the five areas of wellbeing we wrote our ideas and shared them with the class after a discussion about Nidd Gorge and our wonderful wildlife. The year sixes practised for their play, which is coming up next week, without using their scripts! In the afternoon, we wrote kindness poems out of our ideas.

On Tuesday, the year fives learnt about Indian and wellbeing patterns, which we had a go at drawing ourselves (which was fun). In the afternoon we had a special guest come in Mr Owen, who spent 8 years making a program for children and we were the first ones to do it, it is a fun card/sports game were it makes you do challenges about staying active an doing activities outside.

Wednesday, we had a guest come in to talk about drones, and many of our Ks1 students were inspired and amazed by the machines, which varied in shapes, sizes and colours. In p.e we created very our own cricket games, then tried them out in teams of 4.

This Thursday, we did P.E which was football with Harrogate Town, (who were excited about the England game) that was very fun and an exciting experience. In the afternoon the year 6s continued practising their play, while the year 5s watched Inside out then played outside. Meanwhile, some of our science ambassadors were in York doing a conference; there was even a high school from Australia! We talked about the MELT project and Well World and 5 students were selected to speak in front of lots of teachers and they represented our school wonderfully.

On Friday, the year 5s taught Swaledale how to play golf and played fun games with them.


Have a wonderful weekend.

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