4 May 2020, Comments: 0

Hello to all of the wonderful Wharfedalers and to the start of a special week commemorating VE Day.

First of all, I want to say a massive thank you for all of the lovely things you have been posting onto Seesaw. Last week, the topic was poetry and the poems you submitted were beautiful. I was particularly impressed with your choices of language, which you brought to life by your videos. You know how much I enjoy hearing your voices and seeing you all – keep them coming! In maths last week, we looked at angles in a triangle and on a straight line, along with find the area of triangles and parallelograms; super job you lot, as you hadn’t forgotten how to do this. You all deserve a virtual sticker.

On Friday 8th May, everyone will be celebrating Day (Victory in Europe Day), and because of this, all of our English home learning has activities that will help you understand how important this day was 75 years ago. I would suggest you do each of the English activities in day order as you find them on the timetable, because I feel they follow on well from each other. In fact, if you look closely, you will notice that I have not set any work for this special day, as it is a bank holiday. Can I hear you all cheering? If you have a look at Mr Symonds’ blog, he has added a VE day ‘victory cake’ recipe that was from that time. With one rationed egg and powdered milk in the larder, World War Two’s cooks had to be creative; you might want to try making it (and enjoy eating on Friday). In addition to this, most of the extra activities on the timetable are all based around this special day too and I’m sure you will enjoy these. Some of these include following a video, which will help you draw a Spitfire, designing a medal and bunting and a VE Day word search. I hope you enjoy them and look forward to seeing your beautiful drawings.

In maths this week, we will be revising converting units of measurement. I have put on Seesaw a couple of things to look at which will remind you how to convert measures (using place value and 5MILE8). Have a look at the instructions first before attempting the tasks though. Again, these activities follow on from each other and will make more sense when you do them each day as they appear on the timetable.

Next week, we will be moving to a program called MyMaths and all of the maths for the week will be related to a topic from it. You will already have received the log in for this and I am sure you will enjoy using it.

As last Wednesday, Mr Symonds will be doing another Wednesday Worship – thank you for your lovely positive comments regarding this, which I have forwarded to him. I think you will all agree, it was such a lovely thing to watch (and have a sing along too).

Enjoy the week and remember to post all of the exciting things you do, so I can see what you are all up to. Most importantly, enjoy a well earned rest, look after each other and enjoy the celebrations on Friday.

Mrs Saunderson, Mrs Whiteley and the Wharfedale team.






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