7 June 2019, Comments: 0

Welcome to Wharfedale’s blog. We hope you had a wonderful half term.

On Monday, we did a maths sheet to refresh our minds, and after we worked on decimals and played some fun maths games with our partners- who we chose ourselves. Later, we were shown a piece of artwork called bully and then did a guided reading about the detailed painting. In the afternoon, the year 6s rehearsed for their play, which is coming up soon, meanwhile the year 5s did R.E about spirituality with Mrs Atkinson.

Tuesday, we enjoyed a bizarre game of indoor rounders while the year 5s did that the year 6s practised songs for their play. In the afternoon all Wharfedale happily did science, which was themed on the moon (it is our school’s topic this week) and our experiment was about how craters are formed.

This Wednesday, in the morning we were lucky enough to have a man from Leicester come and help us with our experiment, which was where we put a piece of card with either black or white then waited for the thermal radiation paint to go white. P.E was very fun because we practiced our fielding and catching for rounders and cricket.

Thursday, in the morning, we did a space themed shine and share which is continuing with our space topic. In the afternoon, we carried on showing everyone what we did in shine and share.

On Friday, we had Mrs Lovell teaching us. In the morning we did a poster all about homophones. In the afternoon, we did hearts with things that we love or like, then coloured them in, which was fun.

Event: our science ambassadors represented our school in Edinburgh at the science conference. In rounders club, we practised catching and throwing.

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