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Getting ready for Christmas

This week in Wharfedale, we have been planning our Christmas games. The Christmas games will be for our annual fair, which we are having on the 9th December. Wensleydale, Wharfedale and the year 5s from Coverdale all had a worship to talk altogether about the Christmas games. It was decided that all of the children were going to work in groups of 2-4. The children have brought home a letter so parents know all the information, but if you haven’t received it, the letter tells you about what the children are doing.

Pudsey Bear

On Friday, everyone in Richard Taylor raised money for Children in Need. The whole school placed pennies on a giant picture of Pudsey; I guess you could call the pennies Pudsey pennies! Everybody did well in bringing copper and silver coins into school and we thank you for your contribution.


In art, this half term, we have been studying Van Goh’s picture, which is called starry night. We tried doing his picture using different things for example a HB pencil. We created a small sample of the picture using watercolour pencils, HB pencils and pastels. This Wednesday, we will be doing proper paintings with paints.

Switch It off Week Fortnight

Last week, Mr Symonds announced to the children and teachers that it was switch it off fortnight. This meant that every day the eco experts would check every room and if there was a light on and no one was in the room, they would notice it and name and shame. Our eco experts in Wharfedale are Lucy and Kezia and during this week they have been extremely busy.

Assessment Week

This week has been assessment week but we are scared to write about it in case you fall asleep. Everybody tried their best and it only took us two days to complete them all. Our first test was a maths test, which was paper 1. It was very tricky including questions that the year 5s had not done yet in Wharfedale. We had 45 minutes for the paper and luckily most people finished the sheet and checked it in time. We next did a SPAG test, which took 45 minutes again. If you didn’t know what SPAG means it is spelling, punctuation and grammar. The next day, which was Tuesday, we did our paper 2 maths test. This seemed even harder than the paper 1 test. It was also a 45 minutes minute test. After break, we then did the reading test. This gave us an hour to complete the paper as well as read 3 sections of a booklet. The sections were Charlie Small (an adventurer), a guide dog journal about training and The Unlikely Heroes, which was about the ladybirds in California. Many people agreed and thought this was the hardest one. In the afternoon, we did a spelling test with 20 spellings. The average score was 18, but two or three people scored full marks. Then we did a mental maths sheet, which we completed in a reasonably good time. This was the end of assessment week. YAY! I hope you didn’t fall asleep.




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