30 March 2020, Comments: 0

Hello to everyone in Wharfedale. I hope this blog finds you and your families all safe and well and that you all enjoyed the lovely weather that we have just had.

I didn’t want to overwhelm you all last week; I wanted you to settle into your new situation and get yourselves into some kind of routine. Because of this, I purposefully didn’t give you lots of work to do, but rather my aim was for you to go outdoors, bake, paint and enjoy your family and the sun. The things you have posted on Team have been amazing and I have been incredibly proud of such a creative and thoughtful class. I can see we still use the RTS school values outside school. I have really loved reading the posts, seeing the photographs of you playing in your gardens and seeing what an active bunch you are! Don’t let the lack of sunshine stop you though, keep on challenging yourselves outside.

When you go on Teams this week, I have uploaded a week’s worth of activities. These have sorted into folders on ‘files’. You will need to be in ‘General’ on the left hand side of your screen, otherwise you won’t find them. Here you will find English and maths work, split into year groups. If you are in year 5 and you fancy challenging yourself, try the year 6 work and likewise, if you are year 6 and find it a bit tricky, try the year 5 work. Just do your best and give it a jolly good go. If you have any questions, I will go online regularly (as you already know) and will help.

For the English work, you could either print it out or use your homework book. When you have done the work, the answers are at the end (but no cheating!). The same goes for the maths work. There is a task to do for each day this week and again, the answers are at the end. Both of these activities will take about an hour and I think that would be my recommendation for the day, but remember, do what you can when you can. Obviously, carry on with your reading and post me any recommendations for a good read, complete one mental maths page and the reading comprehension for this week.

In Mr Symonds’ Spring Newsletter, he suggested sending a message of encouragement, hope and love to someone in our community who needs it. Perhaps you could write a letter, draw or paint a picture or send a postcard to an older member of the community and post them on your daily walk. I know what an artistic, kind and thoughtful bunch you all are.

I am really missing all of your lovely smiling faces and I know Mrs Whiteley and the rest of the team are too. You are all such a fantastic class.

Lots of love

Mrs Saunderson and the Wharfedale team. xxx





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