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Welcome to my first blog ever Wharfedale! Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and lovely weather – perfect for going outside into the garden. It feels really strange talking to you all this way; I am missing you all already.

Now you have had the time to look at the pack, please don’t feel that you have to finish everything straight away. Just a little bit every day will be fine (around two hours is enough I think). This may unfortunately be our situation for quite some time in order to keep us all safe, so you need to pace yourselves.

I intend to update the blog every Monday and will include some links to good websites or some activities you could have a go at doing. Of course, I will be on Teams and will post most of the things on that. One of the things we put into the pack for everyone was a ‘Simple and Fun non screen activities that children can do at home’. I have included the link below just to remind you. I have also added a BBC bitesize link, which is really good. One of the really lovely things mentioned last week was to write a diary. That would be a super way of reminding yourself what you did each day. Be creative and try something new each day and if you have had any really good ideas, post them onto Teams for others to have a go at. Some sporting challenges for example where we could see if we could beat our personal best.



Sitting here in school in an almost empty classroom typing this as the children who are in school are playing table tennis, board games and colouring in. We have also spent a lot of time outside gardening and just playing games. I forgot I could hop scotch so well! We have also enjoyed some keep fit this morning using the screen in the hall. That was great fun.


Here are some things you could do at home:

  • One page of your mental maths and one of the reading comprehension
  • Write a letter to someone in your street that you think would really appreciate hearing from you.
  • Create a rainbow and put it in your window for people to spot as they have a walk around our community.
  • Write a page in your diary – an ordinary jotter would work here


Keep coming back to this page to keep up to date with what is happening.

Stay safe and well. I will be in touch via Teams and on this blog.


Love Mrs Saunderson xx

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