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Welcome back after a wonderful, warm (ish) long weekend.

I hope you had a fabulous day celebrating 75th anniversary of VE day, with bunting, decorations and delicious food. I had a really good time chatting and celebrating with my neighbours (at a social distance of course).


Today is a date that was marked in my diary as something very special, as it should have been SATs for all of our year 6s (year 5 would have had assessments too). So to celebrate that we don’t have to do them, Mrs Simpson and I thought it would be fun to do something a little different. How about thinking SATs in a different way and making it … Share A Talent week. I know you have many different talents and I would love to see them. You could video yourself, share with a photograph or even record yourself! I know you are all such an amazing bunch and look forward to seeing all of your talents!


This week, we will be focusing on the topic ‘Animals’. In order to make it easier for families that have more than one child in RTS, we will be using whole school themes and each week will follow a different subject. In this way, if you have a sibling in school, you could both do the same work. In fact, if they have a task to complete on their Seesaw page, you could also do the same task if you wanted to. Don’t forget to post what you have done, as I always enjoy seeing your work.

As usual, I have put a timetable onto Seesaw for you to see what we have planned, which hopefully will help you structure your week. As the week progresses, the tasks will be released day by day. This includes the MyMaths activities, which start on Tuesday. I think you will really enjoy MyMaths as it gives you a short lesson first, filled with small activities and games, along with a task at the end. Please get in touch with me, however, if you are having trouble accessing this program.

A Treasure Chest of Memories

These past few weeks have been unprecedented and I am sure in years to come, people will think about their experiences in lockdown. Mr Symonds posted about this last week and in his blog, suggested that we kept a historical record of the events of 2020 for future generations. He said, ‘Today is the history which children will be learning about in 100 years’. So, as well as making a display in school, we want to create a history chest which will contain something from every child in school. A picture, diary entry, poem will help us make this record. I agree with Mr Symonds, that this would be a super way of remembering these past few weeks, so get your thinking caps on, create something and bring it with you when we return to school.

Home PE Challenge

Thank you to those people who gave me their tennis scores in the home tennis challenge. I got the best news ever last week, when I found out that we won!!! Sixteen schools took part in this challenge, so you can see why we were all really proud of you. The next challenge starts this week and it is based all around home athletics. You won’t need any special equipment for this – just use what you have around the home. I have put the instruction letter onto Seesaw and hope you will all just give it a go. Let me know your scores as soon as you can (preferably before Friday) and fingers crossed we do as well this time as we did last. Good luck!

And finally, have a super week. Stay safe everyone.


With love from Mrs Saunderson, Mrs Whiteley and the Wharfedale team. xx

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