30 November 2017, Comments: 0

Wharfedale blog


This week we have been doing something very exciting. We visited the Mercer Art Gallery to look into a crime scene investigation. We based it on a crime where someone contaminated the Harrogate Spa Water 120 years ago. It was in the Victorian times, so they didn’t have police or special, modern methods of finding the culprit. This is the crime: Harrogate was famous for its water and was a place of tourism. Lots of business meant lots of money from it. One day someone sent a ransom note saying they had poisoned some batches of water. The problem was, they didn’t say which ones. The poison was fatal if sufficient was drunk or it could make them very ill. They said if they left £10,000 (which is millions in Victorian times) in a saddle bag, 2 miles out of Harrogate, they would tell them which water was poisoned. Even better, they would give the antidote for the people who had already drank it.

We have also been making pyramids out of bamboo, we had to measure the wood, cut it to the correct length and then used string to tie the pieces together. Then we stuck papier mache to the bamboo sticks. Finally, we added lights under the papier mache. When we turn the lights on, it will glow through the papier mache.

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