22 April 2020, Comments: 0

Good morning Amazing Airedale!


Today is EARTHDAY. This is a day to celebrate the beautiful planet that we live on. It is also a day to think about earth changes that are happening because of Lockdown. Everyone is Richard Taylor is invited to find out about the changes that are helping our planet and all that live on it. Please choose a way to record what you find out. You could draw pictures and write captions, make up a poem or a song, write a list, make a poster, record an interview with someone in your family etc.



earthday.org – is full of information and unites the globe in hope, optimism and action


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C36aB6JEGms – Lets go live with Maddie and Greg – today at 11 or on you tube Also well worth watching.

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