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Good morning Astounding, Amazing Airedale.

We will continue our theme of ‘Creature Features’ with the help of the following book: –

‘I Don’t Want to be a Frog by Dev Petty.

You can watch and listen here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqLB9pbJprU




Be Active

Make a repeating pattern – 2 long frog jumps, 2 short frog jumps and so on.

Pounce like a cat and leap like a kitten.



Play – What animal is this?

You need 2 people, 2 pieces of paper and 2 pencils.

Both partners draw a creature’s head at the top of their paper and then fold it over so the other partner cannot see. Swap papers then draw the creature’s neck (if it has one!) Fold, swap and continue until the whole animal is drawn. Then open the papers and decide what creatures you have created together.


Notice the creatures around you. What body parts do you see? How do they move? Notice what is happening to your own body parts when you move.

Keep Learning

In the story ‘I don’t want to be a frog’, the first animal the frog does want to be is a cat. What features do cats and frogs have that are the same? What features are different?

FS children please show what you have found by drawing and labelling a picture of a frog and a picture of a cat.

Y1 children please use a table like this.

Frog Features

Cat Features












You may also have time to research the differences between frog babies and cat babies. Twinkl has some resources if you choose to use them. You can present your research findings any way you choose.

Maths Learning Y1 – Use a part part whole model to help your child partition a 2 digit number into tens and 1s

The whole number (the 2 digit number) goes in the top single circle.

Maths Learning FS – continue and make repeating patterns. You can use movements, shapes, colours – anything that works for you. Try clap, clap, jump, clap ,clap, jump etc

Keep reading, enjoying phonicsplay and look out for see saw activities.


Give a performance of you singing 5 little speckled frogs.

Remember to let someone watch.


What animal would you like to be? – Make a mask and give someone a surprise!


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