13 March 2020, Comments: 0

This week we have continued with the 3 little pigs, looking at it from the perspective of the wolf and having a go at writing our own sentences and stories. We’ve really enjoyed it being science week this week and have been experimenting with coloured water. We’ve also thought a lot about reducing, reusing and recycling. On Tuesday and Friday this week we’ve been introduced to two new activities: judo and Zumba.

In phonics we have been recapping the sounds ‘or’, ‘ar’ and ‘ur/er’. We’ve also been learning a new tricky word: ‘are’. We have now been introduced to all of our phase 3 tricky words, please continue to practise them all at home and encourage your children to spot them in their reading books.
In mathematics we were introduced to number eleven. We have also been beginning to think about the idea of subtraction. At home you could do this practically with objects, beginning with any number up to ten, taking some away and seeing how many you have left.

Show and tells for Friday 20th March
are Tom, Will and Yasmin. Please talk with your child about what they want to bring in so they have lots to tell us about it.

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