19 December 2019, Comments: 0

We have made it to the end of the first term! By now I’m sure your child is ready for a rest. I hope you all have a joyful and relaxing Christmas.

When we come back after Christmas we will be beginning addition and looking at numbers to 10. To prepare your child for this you could begin counting a little bit higher at home, and using the language of addition (“plus” and “equal to”) around them. For reading, I have enclosed a personalised phonics target to practise. Though please don’t feel like you must do these things – they are just ideas for those of you who do wish for them. In reality, all I would like is for your child to have a wonderful Christmas and to come back in January feeling refreshed.

Show and Tells for Friday 10th January are Amy, Anni and Caitlin. Please talk with your child about what they want to bring in so they have lots to tell us about it.

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