28 November 2019, Comments: 0

This week we have been reading ‘Giraffes can’t dance’. We decided that ‘I can’t’ isn’t a helpful thing to say and instead we should be saying ‘I can’t yet’. Please support this growth mindset at home by challenging children when they say ‘I can’t’ by adding a ‘yet’.

In phonics we have been focusing on h, b, f/ff and the tricky word ‘no’. The tricky words we have now learned are: the, to and go – please encourage children to spot these in their books.
In mathematics we have been ordering numbers to five. We have been jumbling them up and putting them back in the right order. We’ve used the words ‘before’ and ‘after’ as well as ‘bigger than’ and ‘smaller than’. We have also been measuring ourselves on the giraffe height chart and comparing our height to our friends.

Show and tells for Friday 6th December
are Tom, Will and Yasmin. Please talk with your child about what they want to bring in so they have lots to tell us about it.

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