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Through school closures I will be setting tasks to be completed through seesaw. You have all been given your student sign in instructions and unique QR code to get you set up. If you have misplaced these – please contact us immediately so we can get the code you need to you and you are not missing out on learning. Seesaw can be accessed on computers, iPads and mobile phones. 


In addition to this learning, here are a few sites which you may find useful: 


Oxford Owl 


Oxford Owl has many free ebooks for you to access. Many of these fit in with our reading scheme.  




Twinkl has a wide range of resources available from printables to online stories and ideas. Feel free to browse the EYFS content. You can sign up for a free month using the following details: 
Go to 
www.twinkl.co.uk/offer  enter the code CVDTWINKLHELPS 


Phonics Play 


Phonics play has a range of games the children will be familiar with. Most of the children are working within phase 3 at the moment. Do feel free to recap phase 2. Some children may also want to dip into phase 4. I would not go beyond this as new sounds will then be introduced and I wouldn’t want the children to be disheartened.  

You can log in using the following details: 
Username: march20     Password: home 


Phonics Bloom 


There are more lovely phonics games here. Again, I recommend phase 3 but you could recap phase 2 or begin to dip into phase 4. 


Teach Your Monster to Read 


You can access the phonics games on here any time. The app is currently free as well. I recommend downloading it whilst that is the case. 




There are some lovely online games on this website. I particularly like some of the maths ones. Search through the ‘Early Years’ tag for games of an appropriate level. 




I love this website for early science and development of language. Search 5-7 resources for appropriate resources. I love the ‘zoom in zoom out’ resources. 


Nature Detectives 


This website has so many lovely activities that you can do with your children either outside or using natural materials. 


Writing Repeater 


If you have a touch screen device this website is perfect for letter formation. You can record yourself drawing a letter or word and play back for your child so they can see how to form the letter for themselves when they are practising. 




This is my favourite tool for maths. You might want to watch some of the episodes at home or have a go at some of the activities. There are also episodes of numberblocks available to watch on YouTube. 




Similar to above – just with letters instead of numbers. The alphablocks always pronounce the sounds perfectly which may be helpful to you if you’re unsure. 

I hope this is helpful to you during this time. Please keep yourselves safe, I will be missing your children very much. I’m looking forward to seeing what they get up to at home on seesaw. 


The Body Coach  


It’s so important to stay active during this time away from school. Joe Wicks provides short workouts for kids to do at home.


I’ll be missing you all a lot, but will be looking forward to seeing you all on seesaw and beginning our online learning journey together.

Miss Sherwood. 

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