20 October 2017, Comments: 0


We will be continuing to think about Autumn this week, our book will be ‘The Leaf man’. We will be going on an Autumn walk to look closely for signs of Autumn and changes in our environment. We will be busy creating lots of art work using paints, leaves and twigs, following Autumn recipes in our mud kitchen, counting conkers, finding and writing numerals and looking at different number patterns in our tens frames inside and outside.

To help with our learning you may want to go on your own Autumn treasure hunt and collect some Autumn treasure to bring to school. This could be conkers, leaves, berries, pine cones, acorns, twigs etc..

We will be learning all about the letters and sounds n, m and d. We will be continuing to build words using these sounds and the sounds that we have learnt previously (some words that you could practice reading are it, in, is, at, as, am). Please continue to use the jolly phonics sheets to practice these sounds at home, you can find all of the songs and actions for all of the sounds that we are learning on youtube.

Show and tell this week: Poppy, Spencer, Isaac

Thank you!

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