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On Monday we did symmetry in maths. In the afternoon we had a big PE afternoon with Swaledale. Also Year 6 was practising for their production so Year 5 from Wensleydale and Wharfedale were invited. The activities were football, golf and there was a parachute.


On Tuesday morning Year 5 and Year 4 were split. Year 5 did Buddy Training while Year 4 did symmetry maths and started writing letters inviting Tim Peake to our school. For ICT we played a Viking Quest game in which we had been given a mission from our Viking chief. We had to raid a monastery in Lindisfarne. If we failed we were banished to be a cod fisher on the Norwegian coast. If we succeeded we were given the post of a chief in Denmark. The highest score was 1099. Some people have passed the Milky Way in KIRFS so they will have no further targets! Well Done.


On Wednesday morning we had Mrs Harrison. We did multiplication maths. Year 4 finished their Tim Peake letters while Year 5 started theirs. In the afternoon we watched the Danelaw video that had been taken by the people there but delivered to us. Near the end, Airedale class came to visit and saw the last of the video. Mrs Crisell also re-winded it to the part where Mrs Fleming got water poured on her head! We then had a bookworm with Airedale.



Year 5 finished their Tim Peake letter while Year 4 did a mini SPAG test. We did some more multiplication maths, but we moved on slightly. We did weaving, all afternoon. We made looms last week. Everyone progressed fantastically, although mistakes were made. We didn’t do Big Maths because we were too busy with weaving.


In the morning Year 5 did Buddy Training while Year 4 made Viking long ships with Mrs Atkinson. Mrs Jones did a small Guided Reading with us until it was lunchtime. In the afternoon we marked Mental Maths and did some symmetry maths. Have a great weekend!

By Phoebe

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