22 July 2016, Comments: 0

This week in Wensleydale has been very busy as we have been swapping classes so the year sixes can have the most enjoyable leavers’ service. That means the year fives have been transferring into Wharfedale doing some work.


This week in maths, the year fives have been solving a problem. The problem involved 78 prisoners and they had to be in rows of 25. The grid we had looked like this:

Some people got it first time with just luck but others had to try and try again. We found out that all the corners had to add up to 22. Therefore after we knew that, we all managed to have a good shot at it. Mrs Saunderson was very thrilled that we all tried and didn’t give up. On Wednesday afternoon all of Wensleydale did a maths investigation with 5 clues.

The story of the problem was to do with a hotel named The Hotel Avalon. They were having a good year until The Gobbler family came along. Every morning at 6:00am, Billy Gobbler would come out and put beach towels on ¾ of the beach towels so the other residents only had ¼ of the sunbeds. At meal times, one member of the Gobbler family would stand at the front of the queue and then let the rest of the family in. They would pile their plates high with chips so other guests had less choice. One of their favourite games was squirt the book where they would squirt anyone with a book. However, on Thursday this all came to the end as someone had obviously had enough and killed Billy Gobbler…

There were 5 clues and a list of 32 guests who could possibly have been the murderer. Clue one was ‘It all adds up’ and it spelt out M bought a souvenir that you can wear. Clue 2 was ‘Now take it away’ and the clue spelt out M uses supermarket suntan lotion. Clue 3 was ‘Times are hard’ and the clue spelt out M does not like Spanish food. Clue 4 was ‘Divide and conquer’ and it spelt out M never waxes her legs. Clue 5 involved prime numbers and the clue spelt M used an airport more than fifty miles from London. We had lots of fun working out that Zoe Walters was the murderer!

Leavers Service

The year sixes from Wharfedale and Wensleydale have been practising for their leaver’s service on Tuesday. They are doing a variety of songs, gym and readings. They will be performing these in months of what they did in year six. They are going to do the Stetson Stomp from Ye Ha. Everyone will have a part and can’t wait to perform in front of the whole school and families.




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