26 July 2016, Comments: 0

Our last blog was on Friday but some extra things were missed off. In the afternoon we had Sarah Fox, a famous opera singer and the auntie of one of our class. We sang some songs and Sarah told us about being an opera singer. She also showed us some of her dresses, and she sang for us as well! Sarah has performed in the Albert Hall as well as for the Queen! Thank you to the amazing Sarah, we had a great afternoon on Friday.

Monday and Tuesday were our last days and we did fun activities. On Monday, we did some Murder Mystery maths problems, which were very fun. In the afternoon we watched some of the film; Minions.

On Tuesday morning, we finished watching Minions. We went to church for the Leavers Service. At playtimes we signed their t-shirts and in the afternoon we did fun things and enjoyed our last few hours in Coverdale.

All of our teachers got wonderful presents and cards. Mrs Crisell said “We are just happy to have a smile and a hug; you really shouldn’t have treated us with all these amazing presents!”

Coverdale has had an amazing year; we have done many splendiferous things and everybody has progressed wonderfully.


Phoebe (this is actually the last blog! I hope I do it next year! Thank you for reading my blogs and I hope you have enjoyed themJ)

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