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Coverdale class blog

Growing potatoes

In Coverdale we are growing potatoes. We are having a potato competition with all of the classes to see who can grow the most potatoes. Izzy and Fraser are looking after them.

Rocket Seeds

This experiment is to see if seeds taken into space grow differently to seeds that haven’t. Firstly we planted 25 seeds in each tray with the letter R and B. We haven’t been told which seeds are which. Most of the rocket seeds have grown now but the experiment continues.

Satellite experiment

We did an experiment to find out which was the best material to make a Satellite out of. We had 5 experiments. The impact test showed which material bounces space junk off it so we could find out which was the best material to use. We had to look at our recordings and decide which material we would use and why. There are only 20 of these science kits available in Europe and luckily Coverdale Class got to use one.

New Topic

We have now started our new topic Anglo Saxons and we are reading the story of Beowulf.


Looking at the shape of different leaves we used small pieces of green paper to make our own leaf collage.

By Ruby E and Liam.


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