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On Monday we did cricket PE with Miss Lyons and Katie. We did several different activities involving throwing and catching, and we had to add up our score.

We also did co-ordinates/shapes and Guided Reading. We started to copy our letters to Tim Peake down on paper to send to him.


We finished copying up our letters to Major Tim in the morning. We also did a tiny bit of maths. In the afternoon, we watched the Year 6 production, which was set in the Wild West and it was called Ye-Ha! Well done to all of Year 6, Coverdale really enjoyed it. We had a mini playtime afterwards, to get some fresh air after being sat in the stuffy hall.


We did Guided Reading about Tim Peake’s return, and then we did some work on riddles. We shared riddles between us and we came up with many good ones. Here is one; I have ink but I am not a pen. What am I? Look at the bottom for the answer! We also did some translating shapes in maths. In KIRFs, lots of people have passed their last planet: there isn’t really enough time in the year left to start a new one. We had a Seaside Lunch, which was very nice. In the afternoon we had Mrs Harrison. We did Big Maths, and quite a few people were on their first week on Level 5. After that, we did an art assessment where we had to copy a flower with sketching pencils. We also did this at the start of the year.


In the morning, we did rotation maths and a SPAG lesson on apostrophes. We also did some rounders PE, and the game was great fun. In the afternoon there was a sharing assembly and some people took their weaving in to show. We did weaving all afternoon. Some people started making braid using a small circle of cardboard, and seven pieces of wool. Also, at the end of the afternoon, we sorted out loose wool.


On Friday morning, Year 4 finished their Viking longships while Year 5 started theirs. We coloured a pattern on a sail and we designed some shields to stick on to the sides. In the afternoon, Year 5 marked Mental Maths and we had a 12x tables division test. Have a great weekend!

By Phoebe

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