10 June 2016, Comments: 0

On Monday, nobody was at school (except for the teachers). We also had Mrs Harrison on Tuesday when everyone was back. This was because Mrs Simpson and Mrs Harrison did a day swap. We have also started our new topic of Ancient Greeks.


In maths, we started our new KIRFS. They are about halving and doubling and we are doing very well on them. On Tuesday, we also did a bit on Halving and Doubling so we could get the best we could in our new kirfs. On Wednesday, we did some work on fractions and percentages whilst doing a bit about the Olympics. We had different sheets that all included the Olympics. Some sheets had stuff about the Olympic torch, a famous athlete’s diet and some ticket prices. Most of the sheets were reducing the items on the list.


On Tuesday in literacy we read a myth. Before we read Pandora’s Box we read a little passage called The Peppermint Pig. It was about a mum who had a daughter called Poll and she told her a story about Bride’s Pit. The story was about a bride and a groom who drove into a pit, which we call a pond, and they died in the pit. What a weird story!


Today, the year 6s in Wensleydale and Wharfedale did their auditions for their production. It is called Ye Ha! They had to learn 1 or 2 sections off by heart. Some people had not learnt them so they got lower marks. The year 6s are looking forward to performing it.


On Wednesday, we did art with Mrs Mattox. Since our new topic is Ancient Greeks, we are designing a Greek plate. Mrs Mattox read us a short myth and then she showed us a slide show about views and places from the myth like the mountain side. We also saw some Greek pottery but they didn’t show any plates on the Greek slideshow. After that we started to design our plates. Some designs included lots of patterns around the side and then a big picture of an image you had from the story. One particular plate design that some people copied was a day and night scene; this was designed by Evan.


On Tuesday, we did some science with Mrs Harrison. The objective was to see if we could pick up different types of food with different tools. Some of the food included: liquorice, pepper corn, chickpea, marshmallow, pasta shapes and raisins. We also had a variety of tools such as: pegs, scoops, straws, tweezers and cocktail sticks. The whole point of the experiment was to see how different birds have different beaks. There was a man called Charles Darwin, who wrote about a book called Evolution. At the time people were furious as they believed God made the animals and humans of our world. Charles believed different and he went to the Galapagos Islands where he found out about lots of different finches, which all had different type of beaks. This is because they all ate different foods. If they didn’t have the right beak they would die. After this we watched some other birds feeding using their beaks. We also did a game where we had to think of a bird beginning with any letter in the alphabet.

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