27 May 2016, Comments: 0



We had a fun filled day on Wednesday when the children bought their bears to school!

Everyone introduced their cuddly friends using wonderful descriptive words.

The bears were measured, drawn, had their photos taken, and were treated to hand made honey biscuits.

On Thursday a very special, very loved, and quite old bear came to visit. He was stuffed with straw, and had new eyes and paws.

We started to think about the past and enjoyed sharing two fanastic books.

Peepo! – Janet and Allen Ahlberg

Nothing – Mick Inkpen

Peepo sparked talk about everyday things that use electricity at home. The children shared some super examples, and began to thik about what live was like before electricity was readily available.

Please look in the children’s book bags and green books.

They all have lots of new books to read over the holiday, and in cases, writing activities too.

Enjoy half-term.



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