15 April 2016, Comments: 0

Welcome back to Wharfedale`s blog. This week we have learnt some new things from artist’s names to how to work out problems with pie charts!


In Maths we had a look at pie charts and were taught how to figure out a problem with one. We had a discussion about what you needed to know as some use angles instead of percentages or numbers.

Today in Literacy we had a look at an advertisement that Sir Earnest Shackelton had written to get people to help him on his expedition to the South Pole. Afterwards we designed our own posters to get more men to help him to get to Antarctica.

Before the holiday the Y6s got a letter about getting a Leaver’s jumper. They got them today!


On Wednesday we did a booklet full of different pie chart questions and did our kirfs (Key Instant Recall Facts) that are about lots of different facts we need to know. Afterwards we marked our Literacy booklets which we did over the holiday. After lunch we did art. Mrs Mattocks our art teacher has decided we will look at a French artist called Claude Monet.

Born: November 14th 1840

Died: December 5th 1926

We had a discussion about what we thought he could see not what he could see. We talked about this as he was blind a little bit and things had a different look (the colour). Soon afterwards we tried to draw a water Lily. Then after that we tried drawing water how Claude Monet did it.


Today we finished off our pie chart work and marked it. Then we did some more maths and we were then learning how to do mean/average. Some people did knew what mean was while some people didn`t. After some explaining we got stuck in with some questions to work out.


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