10 June 2016, Comments: 0

Welcome back to Wharfedale’s blog. If you have never in your life read Wharfedale’s blog then this where you find out about everything Wharfedale class has done.


In literacy we are going to re-write an ancient Greek tale. The Greek tale is called Pandora’s Box. First we read the story then we got a piece of scrap paper and wrote on each section of a little paper origami book. We didn’t get to write it in full though.


In science we are looking at evolution. If you don’t know what evolution is I will explain in the further in the next few sentences. Evolution is where animals change their beaks, feet or other features of their body to adapt to their environment. In class we watched a clip about Charles Darwin. In the clip it showed us that it took him 29 years before he actually published a book about evolution. It also showed you were he went as well but only one place. It showed us the Galapagos Islands and that there are different Finches on each island. Charles Darwin thought that there were lots of different Finches on each island – one that was fit for each habitat. Afterwards we all had to get tweezers, a spoon, a cocktail stick, peg or a straw. We had to move a piece of food from a paper plate and move it into a cup to show how different beaks do different jobs.

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