8 July 2016, Comments: 0

Last week in Dentdale we did archery and golf. We really liked it. Iona says she liked the archery the best because shooting the arrow was fun. We also made didgeridoos and a wind up model. We used cereal boxes, lolly sticks, string, beads, tissue paper and also blue and green paper to make the wind up models. Finlay says he liked the wind up models because he found it great fun. We also had a great time in the Bishopdale play area; they played on the rope swing and a wooden climbing frame that was made out of trees. Iona and Finlay’s favourite part in the play area was the rope swing. We did 2d shapes in our maths work.

This week was our trip to Tropical World. We had a fantastic time and loved finding out about all the animals. We enjoyed the picnic and games in Roundhay Park. Watch out for some photos on the website shortly.

We have also been making models of houses for the Australian sunshine. There are lots of budding architects and builders in Dentdale!

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