15 July 2016, Comments: 0

By Lucy and Macey

This week in Wensleydale we have been doing lots about PSHE. We have been learning a lot about our future selves and what is good and bad for us as we grow up. Did you know that for the first time ever our generation are more likely to die five years earlier than our parents?


In maths, we have been learning prime numbers off by heart. We learnt that two was the only even prime number. If you didn’t know what a prime number is, it is a number that is only divisible by one and itself. We learnt them up to one hundred by saying a line a few times over and over again. By the end of the lesson we had learnt all our prime numbers to one hundred. We also remembered all of them by the next day as well; that just proves how hard working we are.


This week in literacy, we have been looking at a video named the shirt machine. The video was about a lady who told us about her uncle. Her uncle lived on an island in Scotland and over the years he collected bits and bobs from around the island and made a really special machine. The machine produced shirts of all shapes and sizes and then the uncle wrote about the shirt in his book. Some of the shirts he made included an edible shirt and the reason for that was for if you were on a delayed train you wouldn’t miss your tea. He also made a shirt that was musical so if the duke went to a tea party he would be announced with just one push of a button. Using this idea we came up with a new shirt and we had to think about who it was for, why they would need it and what the shirt was called. We had some good ideas and in our next lesson we are going to write up our ideas.


Last year, the year five and six rounders team came first and won a trophy. Hoping to win for the second time, the rounders team went off to win again. This in its self was a huge achievement as getting to the finals is very, very tricky. Sadly, they did not win, however, everyone are proud of them for trying their hardest and getting to the finals. Their overall score resulted in coming sixth out of nine schools (but the whole of Harrogate really!) so they are still very happy with their results.

Seeing new classes

On Thursday this week, the whole school are going to visit their new classes for next year. The year 6s (since they are leaving Richard TaylorL) are going to be spending the morning with Miss Hatfield as she is teaching Bishopdale next year and the new starters are not here on Thursday. The year fives in Wensleydale and Wharfedale already know where they are going as there is only two classes with year sixes in. Everyone, apart from the two older classes, are looking forward to finding out what class they are going to.


On Tuesday, the year five and six girls as well as the year six boys had a talk about growing up. Everyone gathered in Wensleydale for the first talk of the morning. We had three golden rules and the third included us been able to have a little giggle. Whilst we were together we watched two small clips, one for the boys and one for the girls. However, we watched them together so we understood both sides. After that we went into separate classes and talked about how the different gender would grow up.

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