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Sports Week

This week is sports week. We have had lots of coaches coming in. Unfortunately, the year 6s have missed out on the sports a bit because they have been practising really hard for their production.

Despite all the fun we have still been working very hard.


In Maths, we have been revising addition. We looked at the three different ways of working out. The first one is mental. This is first because if you can do it mentally, then it is quick and easy and there is only one step. The second one is jottings. This is because jottings have a few steps but it is still quick and simple. The third one is a written method. This is because a written method takes more time but is more accurate for large numbers.


This week, we did a few things that involve writing. One of them was writing our report of the year. We all had a lot to say about this year as it has been packed full of fun and we have done a lot of interesting activities. The second one was writing about the year 6s this year. The year 6s passed around a piece of paper with someone’s name on and wrote something unique about that person. At the end of this Mrs Simpson looked at all of the pieces of paper and put it in to a big piece of writing about that person. The year 6s will get this when at the leavers’ service and they will enjoy seeing what other year 6s think of them.


In science we learnt about the human heart and how it plumps blood to the whole body. We made little hearts which helped us understand about which way the oxygen goes and which way the blood goes. We also went outside to pretend we were all inside a huge giant and some of us were organs and two of us were the heart. We did this with just the year 5s as the years 6s were hard at work with their production.


Because it is Sports Week we have been doing a lot of activities this week. On Monday, we had Sports Day. In the morning, we met our teams and everyone seemed excited for the afternoon that lay ahead. There were 40 teams and all of them had a good chance of winning. Altogether there were 8 games to get through. The winning team was Australia. Well there was a lot of confusion, as to start Mr Symonds said Austria so Austria went up, then Australia realised it was them. Then Mr Symonds looked at his sheet and saw that the winner was Australia in the first place! Second place went to Ethiopia and in third place was a tie between Belgium and U.S.A. The next day a netball coach, who plays for a professional team (Phoenix), came in to teach the year 5s from Wensleydale and Wharfedale. We were split into three teams. In the first match between two teams, two people scored, which made it a draw. The two people who scored were Harvey and Anya. On Wednesday, the year 5’s had Coach Chris (a basketball coach). We did little activities like dribbling the ball, which means moving with the ball whilst bouncing it. One of the things we did was to clap when Coach Chris bounced the ball and we did this twice. The first time Ben won and the second time no one won as Coach Chris was very good at catching us out. On Thursday. Wensleydale are going to do rugby with Mr Zealand.

We’ve had a very busy, active week!

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