8 July 2016, Comments: 0

The year 6s shine!

This week the year 6s have been dressing up and putting on face paint. Some have also been visiting their new high schools. However, the year 5s have been working very hard.


In maths, we have been converting measurements. The year 5s in Wensleydale and Wharfedale had a small sheet with some tricky questions on. Most of us had the same sheet but some had a slightly easier sheet. There were 5 tricky questions altogether and I don’t believe that anybody finished them all because they were so hard!


This week in literacy, the year 5s have been writing a newspaper report. We had to write about Sports Day and everything that happened. Because we were writing a newspaper, we had to write as we were the reporter. We finished our newspaper and we were all happy with our language we had used in this piece of writing.


On Tuesday afternoon, the year 6s did their dress rehearsal in front of the whole school. They had only had 2 weeks of preparing for their big show, which they would perform on Wednesday and Thursday night. They all looked very good in their costumes and make up. The stage behind them included a back drop painted by some year 5s and Mrs Warburton; the stage also included a variety of props. It looked stunning with the lights shining on them. Everyone who said a line was very clear and confident and they all performed so good in front of their first ever audience. One of the people from Wensleydale, who really stood out, was Abigail. She played the part of Billie-Jo Briskett and the reason she stood out was because of her lovely solo. Another person who stood out was Adam, who played the part of the mayor (a baddie). The reason he stood out was because of his brilliant acting skills. Over all every person who performed looked great and performed great.


This week the rounders team went to a competition. Both A and B team won their pool but since 1 team from a school could go to the final the A team had to go. Sadly, B team are not allowed to go to the finals, however, if anyone from A team drops out B team will be allowed to go. We hope the A team will come back with the trophy we won last year. Wish them luck.

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