15 July 2016, Comments: 0

By Oliver

During this week we have been doing a lot of fun activities. We have found out things about our future selves as well.


In maths we have been doing lots of problems including prime numbers. We have been looking at prime factor trees, doing sheets on prime numbers and difficult problems.

Prime factors

This how a prime number tree looks



The point of a factor tree is that you find out which prime numbers timed together is the number at the top of the number tree.


In literacy we have been planning and writing our Midas story with a twist. In this twist we have changed the golden touch into a different resource, for example money or food or anything else.

If you would like to watch the clip with a modern twist in it type in google or another search engine www.literacyshed.com/the-myths-and-legends-shed.html. Then scroll down and find the title saying King Midas.

We have written our own Midas stories over a matter of days.

New classes

On Thursday everyone went into their new classes and got to know their peers. We went into the classes at roughly 9:30 to 11:30.

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