20 June 2016, Comments: 0

Over this week the year sixes have been doing a lot of practising for their play called Ye-Ha! Plus they also had to go to Crucial Crew as well. Further in the blog I will tell you more about the play Ye-Ha and I will also tell you what Crucial Crew is.


Today the year fives from Wharfedale and the year sixes from Wensleydale swapped with each other because the year sixes needed to practise the play. In Wharfedale (all the year sixes) were rehearsing their parts and songs. However in Wensleydale (the year fives) we were doing maths. In the maths we were looking at time problems.

After break we were all in the right classes and were doing a writing session about a man who was carrying lots of clocks. The teacher decided what we put in each sentence, for example a preposition, some personification etc. We all had different ideas of what happened in the story so no one`s piece of writing is the same.

In the afternoon we did some P.E. In P.E we have been doing rounders. We are doing rounders especially because there is a rounders competition later in the month. We did three games including the match against each other.


In the morning we did the same thing as yesterday. However today we were doing either the harder book or the same book.


Today the year sixes went to Crucial Crew to learn about dangers in and out of the home. For instance, they learnt about how to stay safe on the internet and what to do in case of a fire.

While the year sixes went to Crucial Crew all the year fives from Wensleydale came into Wharfedale. In Wharfedale we were doing a maths. However in maths this time we had to go around the class room answering questions then going to another question that has the answer at the top of the other question.


Today Wharfedale and Wensleydale went to watch a theatre production called Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks. In the second half we got 3D glasses. It was amazing!

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