22 April 2016, Comments: 0

By Oliver

Welcome to Wharfedale`s blog. If this is your first time reading Wharfedale`s blog this is where you find out what has been happening over the week. Wharfedale`s blog is posted every week when me and my fellow schoolmates are here. This week we have been working really hard (as usual) as we are preparing for SATS.


In Maths we have been revising things we should know before SATS. We have looked at moving different shapes on a co-ordinates grid with all four sections. Some found it easy while some found it difficult. We have also been looking at ratio and proportion. Ratio is shown like 4:9. Sometimes a ratio question pops up in SATS or other tests For example you have 3 blue pots of paint and 2 red pots of paint when it is mixed it gives you 5 pots of purple paint. The question is how many blue and red pots of paint mixed makes 25 pots of purple paint. This is one way how to work it out:






15 and 10 added is 25. So the answer is 15 blue pots of paint and 10 red pots of paint.

We also did proportion. Proportion means the whole, it is written like this 3/5 (a fraction) Proportion is easy when you get the hang of it.

Later in the week we are looking at reflecting. We were doing reflecting on a co-ordinates grid.


In Literacy we are looking at preparing for SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar).


We had a special visitor. He came in and told us about his trip to Antarctica. His name is Steve. Steve showed us photographs – one showed him with frost-bite on his cheek.


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