24 June 2016, Comments: 0

Sports week

This week we have had a very special week. The reason it is a special week is because we are doing lots of sports – lots of new activities we don`t usually do in school.

First of all I will tell you about all the sports we did over the week. On Monday we did sports day. In sports day we have eight activities. The first one I did was the football dribbling, next was the balancing a bean bag on your head or clasping hold of the bean bag between your legs, next we did the tennis one where Ks1 (Key stage 1) balanced the ball on the racket while Ks2 bounced the ball on the racket. There were plenty of other games I could write about but I don`t have enough time to write it. On Tuesday we did Netball. In Netball we did a warm up were we had to run up to the middle of the netball court and high five the person who was opposite us. Afterwards we were split into two teams. In these two teams we had to find one of the positions and put it on. We then played the match. I think the score was 2-0 to the blue team.

In the morning we got ready for P.E and did some basketball. The person who did the basketball was from Leeds. When we started he did a warm up to make sure everyone’s brain was awake. The warm up he did was where he bounced the ball and you had to clap when it bounced but if it didn’t and you clapped you are out. In the afternoon five people went to go and do goal ball.

On Thursday we did some rugby (not proper rugby if you were worrying). In the rugby we were just doing passing and learning how you scored a try.

The active week will end with the Year 6s doing a cycling activity.

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