1 July 2016, Comments: 0

This week Wharfedale and Wensleydale have been either exchanging the year sixes for year fives or vise versa. The year sixes have been practising the production and the year fives have been doing buddy work, maths and literacy.

Year six production

In the week the year sixes have been doing a lot of practising for their upcoming production. In the production there have been a lot of songs. Everyone is very excited about the production. This production is called Ye-Ha. As you may have guessed it has cowboys in it. The year sixes don`t seem that nervous after the practising.


In literacy we had the year fives from Wensleydale come into Wharfedale to do Literacy with us. In literacy we are looking at newspaper articles. Also we are going to write a newspaper article about sports day.


On Monday in the afternoon we joined other classes; these were Wharfedale, Wensleydale Coverdale and Swaledale. We did several activities; they were football, basketball, tri golf and games with a parachute. The first game I did was tri golf and we have a very big thank you for Sarah Fenwick who made the tri golf game and helped do it. There were several tri golf games. The first one I did was where we had to hit a ball and make it stop inside a hoop. The second game I did was where we had to hit the ball a distance and make it stop, but if it doesn’t stop and goes quite a distance then you get zero points.

The third game was where we had a parachute and played different parachute games. We were given a fish name before a story and had to go under the parachute every time our fish name was called out.

Rounders Tournament

On Thursday, two rounders team from our school are playing in a competition at Harrogate Grammar school. We’ll let you know how we get on in the Blog next week.

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