8 July 2016, Comments: 0

Welcome back readers! This week has been amazing. We have watched the year six production and solved maths problems.


In maths we have done some tricky problems with prime numbers. One problem was where you had to add two prime numbers together to make a square number. The square numbers we started at was 16 (4 x 4). We did the numbers between 4 squared and 20 squared. We found out that two square numbers less than 20 x 20 couldn`t have two prime numbers added together to make the square number. They were 11 squared and 17 squared. Literacy

In literacy we have been looking at Greek myths so we are going to write a Greek myth with a twist.

Year six production

On Tuesday we watched the year six production. It is called Ye-Ha. We watched the play in the afternoon before home time. We watched the dress rehearsal. They also did it on Wednesday and Thursday for the parents.


A competition was held between schools and we sent two teams into the competition. We were amazed and really pleased when they came back and told us that both of our teams had won their heats but sadly only our A team could go through. However if a team drops out the B team goes in.


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