15 November 2019

Wharfedale Blog 15th November 2019

15 November 2019, Comments: 0

Wharfedale blog   Welcome to this week’s blog, this week we have had the privilege to have Mr. Saunderson to teach us martial arts, […]

8 November 2019

Wharfedale Blog 8th November

8 November 2019, Comments: 0

Welcome back to school after half term! This week in Maths we have continued our work on division, we have used our times tables […]

23 October 2019

Wharfedale 23rd October

23 October 2019, Comments: 0

Wharfedale Blog 23rd October   Welcome to the Wharfedale blog.   It has been a very busy time in school, with the Harvest festival […]

9 October 2019

Wharfedale 9th October

9 October 2019, Comments: 0

Wharfedale blog Welcome to our Wharfedale blog. It has been a very exciting week for our school, sports wise, because of the Tolly Richardson […]

27 September 2019

Wharfedale 27th September

27 September 2019, Comments: 0

Wharfedale blog Hello, It has been very hard for some of us to get to school because of the UCI bike race, so some […]

20 September 2019

Wharfedale 20th September

20 September 2019, Comments: 0

Introduction: Hello and welcome to our first Wharfedale blog. Recently, the new year sixes have been assigned buddies. Buddies are the new reception starters, […]

12 July 2019

Wharfedale 12th July 2019

12 July 2019, Comments: 0

Wharfedale Blog   Monday On Monday morning, the year 5s went into Wensleydale and were taught by Mrs Simpson, who showed us some interesting […]

4 July 2019

Wharfedale 4th July 2019

4 July 2019, Comments: 0

Welcome to our blog   Monday Today, we had sports day, due to unfortunate circumstances last week since it was postponed. It rained all […]

28 June 2019

Wharfedale 28.6.19

28 June 2019, Comments: 0

WELCOME TO WHARFEDALE’S BLOG   This week is Wellbeing and Sports Week, though unfortunately, sports day was postponed, because of the rain. On Monday […]

14 June 2019

Wharfedale 14th June

14 June 2019, Comments: 0

Welcome to Wharfedale’s blog ENGLISH In the morning of Monday, Wensleydale year 5s joined us to do alphabetical order, which we did a tricky […]