2 February 2018, Comments: 0

What a brilliant week!

On Monday, we were looking at fractions and learnt about equivalent fractions. After we were looking at newspaper articles and the different features, we looked at an article about Houdini. In the afternoon, we did training to be an astronaut in PE, this included skipping and obstacle courses.

On Tuesday, we went on our incredible school trip to the Pavilions of Harrogate! We got on our coach and when we got there, we had four different activities to complete. We made butter, sausages and learnt about both eggs and bread. At the end, we all came together and had a delicious breakfast of sausages and bacon butties, yoghurt and fruit.

Wednesday, we started planning our newspaper report to begin writing on Thursday. In science, we learnt about why we have night and day and why we have seasons.

Thursday, after our maths lesson, we had a very special visitor, Ben’s Grandad. He came to talk to us about watching the moon landing in 1969, what he remembered and how he felt. We were all reporters for the day and we made notes for our newspaper. In the afternoon, we began designing and making our own rockets.

Today, in Literacy we completed our newspaper reports. In worship, we had a very special visitor, Jonny Brownlee came to talk to us about being a Triathlon World Champion and Silver Medallist.


Lucy and William

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