10 February 2017, Comments: 0


On Monday we started our letters to E.S.A. We did some guided reading, which was fun. In assembly, we learnt about respect.


In literacy, we wrote our first paragraph applying for an astronaut’s job. In maths, we learned tricky fractions that were mixed numbers. We had a person to teach us JUDO called Judo Bob /wee man.


Today we had a switch where Mrs Atkinson took us to Wharfedale and we did french, so that last years Coverdale could finish off some science experiments. Maths was amazing. Ruby and Charlotte got 5STICKERS FOR their BRILIANT MATHS.


Today we did our 6x table in minute maths and lots of people got twenty out of twenty. In maths we learned three different ways to subtract fractions. In art we did some print blocks. In literacy we self-assessed our space writing and we were really good at openers and relative clauses. We did a space dance in P.E. next week we performing our space dance in front of Bishopdale.


Today in science we learnt about gravity and wrote a post card to someone on Earth.

We carried on our French animals. So we had to write the animal in French then draw it. In R.E we learnt about journeys!

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