11 May 2018, Comments: 0

We hope you all had a sunny bank holiday weekend!

On Tuesday we read some more of our Beowulf book and we finished part one! In maths, we were working on word problems. In the afternoon, we had fun exploring the different prayer stations set up by Andy in the library, each station had a different activity for us to do and pray.

This Wednesday, we had a science day!

Because we completed our going for silver reward chart, we had an experiments day, which the whole class voted for. In the morning, we had a quick maths lesson on word problems. Before break, we wrote a letter to Beowulf’s father. After lunch, we started our fun experiments! Our first one was a bubble blowing experiment; we had a brilliant time discovering how big we could blow bubbles. Some of us managed to blow a bubble within a bubble!

Thursday morning, we learnt about angles in maths. In p.e we were doing multi-skills which included javelin, sprinting races and long jump. After break, we looked at a poem based on Beowulf and given a part to recite. In the afternoon we had art, we decorated capital letters that the Saxons would have used in their writing.

Today, in maths, we enjoyed solving angle problems. After break, we performed our Beowulf poem. We then worked on suffixes in spelling. This afternoon we finished our art and marked our maths homework.

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