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Monday, we have been doing some literacy to do with Kensuke’s Kingdom. We were split into four groups and each group had a different set of words. Some of the words were; cacophony, sparsely, summit and mellifluous which we had to use in our writing correctly. We had a great time reading the book.


Tuesday, today we did a paragraph about the sea. We did some onomatopoeia in our work. For example: BANG! POW! CRASH! We have been concentrating very hard. In maths, we did some games with our new playing cards.

Wednesday, today we have all come in yellow clothes for Mental Wellbeing Day. We made some emoji bookmarks. We have made them out of card. Mrs Styles has sorted out some workshops for us to do. What a busy day!

Thursday, today we have had the harvest festival. We have heard all classes sing their beautiful melodies and tell us their amazing facts. One of the facts were that we throw away 25 million slices of bread, 5.9 million, potatoes and 5.8 million slices of bread.

Tomorrow we will do P.E and we go on all the apparatus.


Chloe and Rebecca

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